Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Just Spoke to the Canon Service Centre

No way they will take you to district court, it wil be small claims, Small claims court do nto like have lawyers involved, so do not bother with one.

It cost them 30 bucks to take you there and even if you lose you just have to refund them and get the lens back. so let it happen if it is going to happen.

Do reply to each of their email. You dont want to waste time reason with them if they provide no reasonable argument, at the same time you do not want them to say to the court that you were non-responsible when they contacted you.

When they make a pleading to small cliams court I think you get to make a response in writing before a hearing gets scheduled. Just present all the evidence and the case should be thrown out.

If this do go to a hearing, they will need to prove on balance of probablity that the dust was there before the sale, pretty hard to do.

Lastly, the judge will understand (if not, you shall remind him) that buying second hand goods online means buyer accepts the risk that the item is not the the perfect condition and the seller may not be fully aware of and disclose every minor fault. Even if there was a tiny speck of dust somewhere and you did not see when you looked through it, it should not void the contract.

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