Bird in flight with D90

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Re: Bird in flight with D90

Huyen Olson wrote:

The reason why I set my camera the way I did because the sky was boring and white, no texture of anykind to say the least and I did not want to get anything else but just the bird.  The bird was high in the sky and with the 70-300 I was able to zoom in to get these shots.  I don't understand why you think the bird is washed, that's the color of it.  Lots of white and some reddish brown, mostly white from her chest down.

By the way AF-C, metering set on Dynamic wide.

If you have more tips, I sure could use some, since I intend to go back this coming thursday.  These were my first shots of birds in flight.

Thank you

Well I've never seen a perfectly white sky in nature before, and at least in your first shot, the lighter parts of the bird are blending in the with the sky which is why it stood out to me as an overexposure.  Not that I'm a metering expert, but I would suggest next time you spot meter the bird and either zero it out or give it maybe +1/2 to +1 EV.

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