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a different perspective

G1Houston wrote:

James Pilcher wrote:

Although many folks like the Zuiko 45 f/1.8 for its small size and easy price, I appreciate the working distance that the 75mm offers; even the 45mm is a bit of an in-your-face lens for this kind of portrait.

45mm after all is a bit short for head shot, although its FF eq FOV is 90mm.  With a "real" 90mm lens, you can shoot farther away, which reduces if not eliminates perspective distortion (nose and cheek bigger than normal).  For the 45/1.8, a head and shoulder shot is probably the closest you can get.

What??? It is camera position that determines perspective, not focal length.

A 45mm lens on a 4/3 body will give exactly the same perspective as a 90mm lens on an FX body when shot from the same distance. In fact, a 20mm lens on a Nikon D600, shot from the same distance (camera position) as the 45mm lens on an OM-D, then cropped for that 45mm's FOV will give you exactly the same perspective. No stretched nose, no bulging cheek. Really.

Yes, if you step forward with your D600 + 20mm in order to fill the frame in the same way the E-M5 + 45mm does, you will get a stretched nose and a bulging cheek, but you have changed camera position! It is camera position that determines perspective, not focal length.

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