Minolta MD to Alpha adapter questions

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Re: Minolta MD to Alpha adapter questions

Mike Fewster wrote:

Just bought a Minolta 30mm-70mm 3.5 macro and need an adapter for my A900 I gather these adapters need a glass section. Does this degrade the image? Does the optical quality of the various adapters available vary much?

Not really, but not sure of the different quality of different adapters.

One adapter says it has a chip built in that gives confirmation of focus attained. I preume it does this on manual focus which would speed focusing up a little.

I've used an adapter with a "chip" and found that it did NOTHING. You will only be using manual focus. None of the adapters provide auto focus or aperture adjustment.

Has anyone used one of these and if so, is it good enough to be worth paying the extra for this adapter?

I have a number of quality Minolta mf lenses which I use on my Minolta/Sony and Olympus cameras. They are invaluable! A Minolta 85mm AF lens will cost you a bunch of money. A Minolta 85mm MD/MC lens will cost a quarter of the price and is just as good! But you will need to focus manually and set the aperture in the camera (using an af lens) and then use the exposure control to adjust the exposure.

This with a Minolta Dynax 7D plus Minolta MD 50mm macro lens.

This, with the same lens attached to an Olympus E510.

The quality of the old Minolta glass has not been exceeded by Sony. The Minolta fixed focal length lenses still takes some beating. If you can focus manually, then go for the excellent glass at a significantly lower price!

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