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Re: SirLatex - Something I might even try, but I am not worthy . . .


FWIW, I shoot Raw because it protects me from my recurrent bouts of the stupid. I'll set the WB and forget to change it when the light changes. I'll be a bit off on the exposure. I'll really (like _really_) want to get a "closeup" and use some sort of i-Whatever.  Raw is my insurance policy.

Can I do better with Raw than with my best JPGs? No.  Can I get good stuff from the Raw when I've not set the camera perfectly for JPGs. Sure...and I can slice and dice and tune to taste.

Beyond that, I even use SPPro5 to edit JPGs now. SP imports the JPGs into its internal format, and beyond that handles them in the same manner as it handles the Raws, except for the demosaic settings.

I tend to use two monitors (because I have them for other purposes), undock all the controls, and group them into

"exposure/contrast", "Color/WB", "NR/Sharpening", and "other",  so I'm not continually opening and closing controls.  Makes the choices a bit less overwhelming.

I'm certainly no expert, but I've found SirL's adjustments for sharpening and NR give me results I'm happy with.


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