No global warming - climate scientists puzzled.

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Re: The changing consensus of Climatologists.

FractalFlame wrote:

William Carson wrote:

If there are folks to profit from cutting down on fossil fuels, who are they and how are they acting and where for them is the financial gain? Al Gore's speaking and book profits? Scientific researchers in many fields from many nations? Sort of a stretch.

Are you kidding?  Seriously?? "Green" is such a HUGE money spinner.. anyone who didn't jump into fuels, either out of bad advice or personal beliefs, has vested interests in the 'green' rubbish... Wind farms = money raking in.. you do realise that the government subsidises them when they can't turn (high winds, maintenance, etc)?? Carbon trading schemes have made billions for those in the know. Gore was not about speaking and books.. he owns a carbon credit system and a trade scheme.. he defines what and when and where and how much to himself and rakes in millions per day off of NOTHING!.

Dear gods, it actually scares me that you are that naive.. I am truly hoping that you were just being disingenuous or just trying to ridicule/discredit what i wrote..

Thank you for enlightening me. I now see the light. But please include me anyway in the group prayers of those who know the truth that we are being deceived by the entire scientific community. No amount of CO2 and Methane pumped into the atmosphere is affecting the temperature and climate. Long live the industrial revolution of China. To hell with environmental concerns. Step on the gas!

Here is what you wrote (in this thread that is about GW and not trolling)

the basic point is that those other reasons DO apply to what we have now - it's just they they don't provide the power and wealth strategy that 'anthropogenic' does... again.. this is how ACC has become so powerful - an urban legend that has been shouted and 'agenda-d' into position.. carbon trade schemes, carbon taxes, car licences based on emissions, etc.  Many scientists follow the 'party line' for fear they will lose funding If they don't (they will!). Some do it because no journal will publish any anti-acc story any more. Some do it because they also have been propaganda'd into submission; they believe the fairy tales. And then some do it out of peer pressure - peer reviewing has a powerful effect on people, they will do almost anything to be accepted, even top-flight scientists.  "It was -20C in March.." AND he was using greenhouses.. And that's global warming??

-The "data".. does that include the 'data' they ignored or altered so that it fit their pre-conceived theories?

-The problem being, that as data (Dave)

☺   It appears to be the new-ish propaganda hit from the ACC myth makers to bleat about global climate change and then slip in the "anthropogenic" part without people noticing. Yes, we have a climate shift. It happens in clyclic events; it's been happening all through the life of the Earth. No, it's not "man-made", any more than the medieval mini ice-age was, or the warming trend after that (that pulled the earth out of it).

We are  1 1/2 months into spring and we have snow here, so don't try the ACC bullshiit propaganda here, it will just be laughed at!  Some people may stick their head in the sand, sure.. But most of the anti-ACC people don't deny climate change, they deny that it's MAN-MADE!

Spring is coming earlier every year.

(Refering to the ice caps shrinking to record low levels): It hasn't been measured over "eons" - depth can be extrapolated but horizontal size can't be that easily. This measurement is also a guesstimate, an extrapolation based on core samples and ice-air density in them.    So.. the climate IS changing.. but it's NOT "Anthropogenic" The trouble is that non-anthropogenic causes doesn't fit with their agenda.. - In truth, they will keep bleating about their agenda and changing it to fit the data (well.. the data that they can't change or ignore to fit the agenda).. ACC has been too successful for their power and money schemes for them to admit it was wrong.. they will just beat it, or us, into submission.  And they will say "oops", but they will still have the power and money from carbon tax and carbon trading schemes..   These scummy myth-makers will always have some scheme for power and wealth.. some more successful than other. Anthropogenic Climate Change (note the change from "global warming", which was just too easy to debunk) is/was one of the most successful scams of the last 40 years! that possibly the only 'green' thing that can't rake in money to those elitists is also the one you don't hear much about - wave motion generators. And the reason for that?? - simple - there is more money to be made from the "experimental" stages than the actual generation stages.. Wave generation works.. but they get more from grants to research in then they would from the actual generation! Look for the money and you will see the bullshiit in the side-scenes.. and visa versa.

(from me):  OK . . . The only thing you have written is an opinion that the climate is changing but not because of human effect. All the other statements you made are just that (-to paraphrase-) 'it is all a conspiracy for financial gain to take the public for their dollars to fund the deceivers by promoting the threat of global warming and its effects. BUT from you, not one credible source disproving the actual data from so many scientific fields and reports from all over the world that we are in for a much affected planet because of increases in CO2 and methane in the atmosphere . . .

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