Barely useful amateur reviews

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Re: Barely useful amateur reviews

I don't really care if they give a 5/5 or a 4/5 or a 1/5.  I read the review and see if their deciding factor is of importance to me.

For example, when I was looking at the Tamron 200-500mm, I had to bulldoze through a lot of negative reviews comparing it to the Canon 70-200mm L lens.  Well, OF COURSE the Canon is a better lens!  But it doesn't give me the reach I want OR the price I can afford.  I don't need people rating the Tamron in comparison to a lens in a totally different category.  I need people rating the Tamron on ITS abilities.

So, while I don't need amateurs waxing poetic on low level equipment, I also don't need pros damning anything that isn't the absolute best in the field.  Most people I know are somewhere in the middle.

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