Do lenses have subjective qualities not shown in any technical specification?

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Agree, and ...

krikman wrote:

Yes. Lenses have important and decisive characteristics behind specs.

I agree with (most) of what you brought up as examples of "flaws" (or "character as some might call it ) but just wanted to add on to that slightly:

We all have a wild variety of personal hang-ups, habits, preferences, idiosyncrasies that combined with all the characteristics of lenses - both those in and those out of specification - mean some people will like some lenses more then others and it is hard to define exactly why and how it became like that.

What I am getting at is that photography is a creative endeavour which at times makes it hard to pin down what it is with a lens, a camera or a combination of lens and cameras which works better then other combinations.

Example: I absolutely loved the 135/2.0 DC on my D70s and my D200, but I could not use it at all on my D2H and later my D3 - for me that lens was excellent on a small body camera, and did not work at all on a big body camera. Rational? Not very, but none the less how it was for me and I ended up selling the 135. Optically it was the same, in terms of handling it was not.

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