Lens dust and legal threat.

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A place to put the lens, and the dust not seen......

miked58 wrote:

Perhaps some forum members can suggest sensible ideas.

I sold a used lens in mint condition, unmarked and fully functioning. I did the usual check and ensured no visible dust or fungus, went over every feature etc.

Several weeks later the recipient is threatening legal action unless I refund the entire money. They complained dust was now visible in the lens.

They said the dust had been there for years and that a shop had verified this. My response was I believe fair and I can not see how you determine when dust entered. I have offered to get the Canon service Centre to look at it if necessarily at my cost.

The purchaser is aggressive and not prepared to consider anything but a refund or legal threats.

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Though not tactful, I can think of a place that the buyer can mount his lens where the dust won't be visible...

Seriously, he bought a used lens, kept it for a few weeks.

For all you know, he may have done this, figuring he could pressure you into taking it back while he used the lens and avoided renting one. More likely, buyers remorse.

And I for one, would expect some dust is a used zoom lens anyway, especially a lens that is designed to have air sucked in and out of it.

If he wants to be so picky, he should be buying new, or at least from a reseller like KEH.

And among all the specks of dust in working lenses, how many actually cause a visible problem in the image?

Listen to the advice that says to ignore him and his threats of legal action.


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