Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

theJuke2 wrote:

I'm trying to look for a new desktop which will be dedicated just to my photography work and I won't be using it for anything else. I am a PC person by nature, but I am not opposed to Mac. What are the pros and cons? Everyone I talk to seems to prefer Mac. I'm trying to find some PC users (or past PC users) to get their input and see how they feel about the Mac/PC comparison for photography work. If you are a past PC user, why did you switch? I'm looking for the pros and cons for each. (Please don't give me the "Macs don't get viruses" reason, and please don't tell me that Macs are made with all Mac hardware and processors - that isn't true any more.) I'm looking purely for functionality. Thank you!

I've been pondering this lately.

I've used both systems now for over a decade. I need Windows for my work as it requires lots of niche software. I'm very familiar with both operating systems.

My choice of personal computer is a Mac, with Windows available via VM and Bootcamp. Everything except for the Windows only software is run on the Mac, email, browsing, photos, etc.

So, the big question is why do I prefer the Mac OS. If both OS were equal, then I shouldn't mind as I'm pretty experienced in both of them. However the way I describe it is it feels as though, when I'm working, OS X gets out of the way and becomes invisible. It is more streamlined. This comes down to even simple things like text editing, where on OS X single click is place cursor, double click is select word, triple click is select paragraph.

If you're coming from Windows it will probably not feel like that for quite a while. Ingrained habits take a long time to change.'s gear's gear list
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