Graphic Card upgrade from nVidia 285+

Started Mar 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Graphic Card upgrade from nVidia 285+

GideonW wrote:

The amount of video RAM is one of the least important numbers unless you play high-end games on several monitors at the same time.

For multi-monitor desktop work (LR, PS, etc...) or single-monitor gaming (with other monitors showing a desktop), you shouldn't care about how much RAM is on the card.

In some cases. It really depends on the game, the bus width on the particular card, memory speed, and monitor resolution. While what you stated is partially correct, benefits of additional VRAM can still be realized even on a single monitor.

Desktop work ........ That covers a LOT of ground, and some of it can really benefit from additional VRAM. PS7 will see further implementation of GPU-specific processing, and LR5 will start GPU implementation. I disagree with your statement.

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