Shooting sports and other things with the K5IIs...

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Re: Shooting sports and other things with the K5IIs...

Dear Mark,

Thanks for the shout out in your original post. To clarify, I don't shoot for the NFL, but for a sports publication and guide. In addition to NFL, I shoot NBA, MLB, and other pro sports.

Normally I'm shooting next to D4 caliber gear and I learned that so much of sports is anticipation and shooting the action where you think it will be. I'm still a novice. Occasionally, I would iso on a player and luck would have it, the play goes in his direction and I get the shot.

I love the fast paced nature of most sports and that I'm photographing an event with an uncertain outcome. It's a great feeling to be so close to the action.

I'll comment more when I read thru all the posts in this thread.


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