In love with the FZ200 right out of the box

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SirLatex - Something I might even try, but I am not worthy . . .

SirLataxe wrote:

. . . . . Using Silkypix & RAWs instead, the controls can be set to automatically bake a 16bit TIFF in exactly the same way that the FZ200 jpeg engine's controls are set to bake an 8bit jpeg.  But with Silkypix (or any other RAW development software) you can vary the recipe for baking as much as you like after the fact of taking the photo - not possible with a camera jpeg. . . . .

SirLatex, OK, let's pretend:

I have an FZ200 and no photo software whatsoever, only my photo-taking experience and my limited know-how involving moving sliders in Picasa, FastStone, PSE5, etc, etc.

I download Silkypix 5 Pro and I am not allowed any other software whatsoever.

Can I then, without any other software, and without knowing about all the 8-bit, 16-bit, Tiffs and Toffs and all that malarkey, take RAW photos with, say, -0.66 EV under-exposure, and then hit a button in SP 5 Pro to get acceptable JPEGs, i.e. at least as good as I can get with my usual weird JPEG habits? Even if they are not up to your elysian Middle Earth standards?

Or would I need to spend a few months (I am short of months) wading through the SP 5 Pro Bible, translating from the Greek as I go along?

By the way, referring to your previous Epistle to the Unanointed . . .

PPing FZ200 jpegs just for fun

Saint Digit has been playing about with those FZ200 camera jpeg settings and resisting assimilation into the RAW Collective, despite my jabbing the Silkypix prongs into his neck . . .

. . . its weirdness starts in the title - I wouldn't PP anything just for fun, as I think I have mentioned once or twice before.  I'm sufficiently prehistoric to hope that my camera will produce a jolly good photo, not a DIY kit . . . innit?

St Michael, who may remain in the shadow of darkness, but who tries to appreciate the illuminating flashes of light from the ethereal heights.

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