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Harbinder Marok OP Regular Member • Posts: 294
Re: Improved photo ?

Hi, thanks I'll try that.

In the living room now under lower light in the evening the camera in program mode with aperture wide open on the Sigma 30mm with ev set to zero is selecting iso 1600 at 1/60. I think the camera is being conservative with the iso always selecting a higher than necessary value.

If you drop the ev to-1 it selects iso800 at 1/60. The image is slightly darker but retains the detail and can be bumped up I find easily pp and  you have lower noise. If you go any lower on ev it becomes unworkable (too dark). Again just my thoughts.

If there were real dials on the F3 rather than having to go in the menu I would probably set the parameters most of the time though.

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