Resolution of M43 lenses

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Re: Resolution of M43 lenses

The photozone review looks pretty fair to me. If you are comparing to the Fuji XF 18-55, they graded that lens about the same overall, and noted many of the same weak points.  The lenses were nearly equal in the MTF charts, while the Fuji did very slightly better in uncorrected distortion, which they say isn't that important, but also did notably better on vignetting even after correction, and on uncorrected CA (with correction not available on Olympus cameras).  On the whole, they only graded the Fuji a half star better optically, while grading it a half star worse mechanically.

The other point is that the one lens sells for $600 less than the other.  Which is why one gets 4 stars for value (price/performance) while the other gets 3 stars.

Whatever the technical tradeoffs in lens design involved here, it seems to me the end result is a standard normal 2.9x zoom that wide open has slightly soft borders, and about a stop of vignetting, and for Olympus users at least a moderate problem with CA.  The trade off here is you can shoot f2.8, and the review also notes very little field curvature. People can decide for themselves whether that's worth the price.

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