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Re: What other lenses?

Mr Jam wrote:


Fantastic blog.  I do runway fashion shows using Pentax.  Runway shows are almost like sport photography since you get lots of movements.

I use the K5 original and it is wonderful in terms of color and high ISO.  My "runway zooms" are Tamron 28-75, f2.8 and DA*50-135, f2.8.  However, unlike your experience, 50-135 is slow in focus tracking when the subject is moving toward me.  Tamron also gets frequent soft focus images in lower light with even stationary subjects despite the focus confirmation.

What other lenses besides 50-135 works for you for sports photography?

Thanks in advance

Hi Jam,

I remember doing runway shows and I agree with you that the model moving vertically toward you is a tricky one on previous K bodies.  There was a time when the editors wanted the static pose at the end of the ramp,  then it transitioned to the perceivable mid-step in transit view.  It was those that I had trouble locking tack sharp AF.

I haven't shot runway in a while,  but when I shoot basketball the speed of a point guard of a transition office is manageable with a K5II and DA* 50-135.  It's during the ultra quick charging of a mid fielder or cross to a wing of soccer  that makes tracking difficult.

For sports I use the DA* 200 and DA* 300.  Hands down the DA* 300 is IMO one of the best lenses you can shoot wide open.  The 200,  i stop down to 3.2 or 3.5,  but I can shoot at 2.8.  *Funny thing about the DA 200.  When I haven't used it in awhile, the AF SDM is a bit sluggish.  I often have to massage it with manual twists of the AF barrel and with near to far AF-lock drills before it primes itself to full working ability.  -Makes me worry if the SDM might drop on me. (but it hasn't yet,  so knock on wood)

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