Future of Pentax?

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No FF? Pentax will die.

spqr_ca wrote:

noel2 wrote:

But, if Pentax does not follow the trend to use The FF sensors that are becoming available, and capitalize on its older experience, I am very pessimistic as to the future of the company to keep a good place in the current market.

Even with the relatively low cost D600 and 6D options from Nikon and Canon, the FF segment of the market is tiny. Net effect, Pentax isn't going to live or die on this.

I am fulframe whiner.

1. I have many tens (!) of Pentax lenses. Moving to fulframe these lenses might hurt Pentax sales for some considerable margin. Because crop-fans mostly have kit lens and at the best some two more cheap zooms. They would like to buy my limiteds A, M, K lenses - many of them will use their photo budget on items like these, not new "vietnam" zoom or mirorrless qju-0,3. Funds are limited to every Pentax user, so, Pentax new lenses stays on shop shelves. Money taken out of  Pentax camp I would spend (most possibly) for Canon photo market support.

2.  I am "Pentax dealer". I have sold five used DSLRS to some folks through local forums, to wifes friends etc. Two of these users bought extra pentax lenses (new), flashes, etc. Both of them upgraded to newer Pentax DSLR. Most of FF whiners are "dealers", because they measurbate hard with cameras, have a lot gadgets and involve other persons in our religion. Are educated and knows everything - how to clean fungus, hack AF or repair SDM. Where to send and how to shoot.

3. I am even more "Pentax dealer". When I take pictures with FA 85/1.4 and 31mm;  77mm limiteds, later giving to colleagues pictures (Company sport games, official parties, etc) lot of people are asking about cameras, what I was using and why. So, I have seen ten (!!!) pentaxians at company where I am working. Just three Canon DSLRs, and one Nikon user. Besides I am rather active on internet forums. And there is lot of people who is "more than ten years active pentaxians" (ok, they dissapear)... I knew in person, locally, at least four really advanced Pentax users. Two of them were teachers at photo schools, courses, excellent photographers... And people around them started to use Pentax (one of them - me). Of course, they ar now Canon FF shooters with effect on pentax...

4. If advanced users are leaving Pentax, then other advanced users ("Pentax dealers") will follow. Because, for example forum here is complete trash now. Just tiny margin of old days adwanced people are left here. So, it is not interesting as community. And migration is going on.

>the FF segment of the market is tiny.

Market is so much bigger than iceberg`s underwater part. It`s the only way for pentax to sell cameras - they do not have places in supermarkets and huge retail chain. All Pentax what is sold, is sold... Thanks fo future FF users (Advacned users who will start to use different system).

Because people are looking what camera brand made those excellent pictures! Canon... And they want to buy Canon!

Pentax NEED to make Fuflrame and give it for free, even paying some money for transport to take it from them. And Nikon is doing this already. And have some success, actually!


will wait couple of months, but... some week ago I sold my Fa 85mm/1.4 And I liked that process...

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