epson 2400 communication error

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Re: epson 2400 communication error

pamrix wrote:

I have had epson 2400 for over 5 years and it has always printed reliably.  Suddenly today it flashed communication error and the top red light iis also on suggesting a paper issue which is not.  Each time I turn the printer off then on again the green on lighty justflashes off again and there is a click and the printer just has the red top ligt on as well as a low ink light flashing.  But I cant get the ink cartridges to move.

I have tried unplugging and plugging in again but no success.

Can anyone suggest the problem or a solution.  Thankyou

I believe this may (others chime in) be the indication that your waste ink tank/pad is full which is not user replaceable. There are independent service guys that can change them for you and a reset utility is used to reset the internal counter. However from what I read if this is the first time this has happened you may be able to reset the counter with software at least once with no risk. The following links I found may be useful but hopefully someone more knowledgeable can give you more information. Links:!topic/comp.periphs.printers/pB3yzdbXEEo

Good Luck

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