Question about Panasonic Lumix G Vario 100-300mm F4-5.6 OIS

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Re: The D5200 EXIFs from I-R are BS…so what is Nex-7 as well?

Anders W wrote:

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Anders W wrote:

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Anders W wrote:

Metering in the conventional sense isn't very important to me any more since the E-M5 live-view highlight warnings provide superior information in most cases. But if the meter doesn't behave as you want it to in your kind of shooting, why not just dial in enough exposure compensation in one direction or the other until it works the way you think it should?

Shooting shaded/lighted areas and different colored birds of various types I am afraid I would miss more shots than it's worth...

You mean with the live-view highlight warnings or with "calibrated" (by EC) metering? Can't see why in either case.

I'm a set and forget shooter and concentrate on shooting and getting results, not adjusting camera settings every 5 seconds, a camera that I have to do that with will not be in the stable for very long, once I get my settings where I want them I shoot continuously, but I will change metering at times so suit conditions...

What makes you think I am any different and what would be the problem with the solution I proposed?

Sorry didn't realize you were birding Anders, I thought maybe you were shooting landscapes or still shots...I'm really not fast enough to worry with highlights or shadows when birding I just shoot the subject and don't worry about surroundings to be honest...not very good at I said I am a set and forget but will tweak slightly if required...I shoot like I like to shoot, and comfortable to shoot, don't really follow others too closely...

Like I stated before it's funny how folks want you to think act and follow what they do because they do it the "right" way and they "know" better how to do it than anyone else?

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