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Re: Equal to the 7D and d300s ?

lock wrote:

That would be interesting ?How did you get to that conclusion /


Hi Lock,

During my career,  I have shot with All three systems (Canon, Nikon, and Pentax).   During my days with boxer Manny Pacquiao I used Nikon and Pentax.  The Nikon D300 was fantastic and their AF had the edge on what Pentax offered at the time (K7) but wasn't leaps and bounds ahead.

Working with Billabong Asia, I used a whole arsenal of Canon and Pentax; and the 7d's build wasnt up to par with the K5 or the Mark III.  Many friends lost 7d's to weather that a K5 could eat for breakfast.  Back then, the 7d had a minor edge on the old K5 for AF performance.

In hindsight,  and comparing with how the new K5II feels.  It is my best opinion that the K5II has caught up to the performance expectations similar to the 7D and D300. The way that it can lock focus in really dim light before the AF assist beam kicks in.  Also,  the keepers I'm getting with AF-C are increased in frequency.

It's the improvement in AF, coupled with the inherent feature unique to pentax (in body SR, solid weather sealed build quality, smallest form factor) that justify the K5II's ability to stand above the older 7D and 300D.  It's all things considered and how these factors synergize with my workflow that I make these opionins.

Afterall,  these are simply my opinions and anyone who has grown comfortable with their system of choice can make an opposing argument. But, I did venture to the other side when curiosity got the best of me,  and the Grass was not greener... just heavier.

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