Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

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Re: Exactly!

forpetessake wrote:

Had the subject been "MTF measurements of a 10 copies" of this lens from different batches, it would have been invaluable.

Not necessarely... Most MTF results are calculated by shoting test charts. That involves tons of variables, that I don't want to go through here, but just one to mention - results are relevant for the system, not for the lens.

So,  you can use 10 lens samples from different batches, but you should do the same with camera bodies, test charts, light sources, alligning lasers etc. involving endless number of permutations.

MTF measurement relevant only for the lens could be obtained with expensive devices such as calibrated optical benches i.e.

Theoretical MTF can't consider production flaws, but is probably closer to reality than most of "respected" tests based on shooting charts.

But nothing can't beat user tests with an exterior scene (light change, wind, haze, heat, nothing can stop our tester) OOC jpeg, "slightly" sharpenned in post processing at f11, clearly showing how even the cripiest lens is super sharp in reality. Those are my favorite tests (I don't mean OP here, his shots are at least taken in RAW, not sharpened and wide open).

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