Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

hjr13 wrote:

I haven't used windows for a long time, but with a mac in 20 years, a mother board went on one computer that was 12 years old. Other than that I've never turned on my computer and had a problem.

The same can't be said from what I see on pcs. Between hardware conflicts, viruses, etc there are problems that crop up all the time.

I have had a mac pro, white notebook, mac book pro, imac, and now have a mac mini. Never had a problem with any, except the mother board on the mac pro after 12 years. On of the mac ads used to say macs just work, simple and true.

Like I said, this is only my opinion. I am sure some feel different.

My problem with Macs is that buying one restricts your software options tremendously. Lots of the software I currently doesn't exist for Macs.

Yes, I have LR and CS5 and both are available for Macs. My problems lie with the other software (photo and non-photo) I use.

1) Sagelight - a very nice editor, but not available for the Mac,

2) SNS-HDR - my preferred HDR software, but not available for the Mac,

3) Campground Navigator - the software I use to map and find camping sites. Not available for the Mac,

4) Acronis backup software - the software I use to make disc images (my preferred backup method), not available for the Mac,

There are other software packages I use on my PC that are not available for the Mac and some which I believe are available in more limited versions. I also sometimes write software and have the same sort of issue. The software I use (mostly Visual C# and Visual C) are not available for use on the Mac. There are alternatives (Java and Objective C) but there seems to be little interest in writing software for such a limited market.

I have nothing against the Mac and bought an AirBook for my wife. She had it for 2 days and wanted a PC instead. There is something to be said for familiarity of use.

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