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I am ready to upgrade from an older fixed lens camera and looking for a versatile camera for:

  • Misc. Family Activities
  • Kids sports – outdoors
  • Travel
  • Backpacking & landscapes

Note: The above use list is in descending order of expected use.


I currently have a Nikon so I am partial to them.  The Nikon 5200 has caught my attention.



Size is obviously important and the OMD wins there.

Weigh is also important and the OMD body is 4.6 oz. lighter.  Now sure about zoom lenses but a 4.6oz difference seems minor.

Environmental sealing is a nice feature.

There are a few things I like about Nikon that is better:

-       Low light focusing

-       Built in flash

-       Optical viewfinder

-       Better feel/comfort unless I add optional power battery holder / grips which reduce the weight / size advantage.  (I wouldn’t bring these backpacking and probably not traveling).


-       NOTE: I just compared the reviews from this website and the OMD received a higher rating on ergonomics and handling.  Does this make sense?

I guess it depends on your subjective assessment. I wouldn't go by those silly ratings.

-       What else am I missing?  What do you think?

Thanks,  Glenn

You're missing nothing (except a Nikon).

My only problem with Nikon is they still haven't integrated Pixel Mapping with their DSLR bodies. I got one recently with 3 bad pixels visible on every pic the cam produces. Those pixels are in the same state no matter which pic I take. It's incredibly annoying. I have to shoot raw and let software map them out, something which I never bothered with in the past. I find this primitive to have to live with in 2013 and I wouldn't dare let any service center touch it for fear of making things worse (and being without my camera). I have the D5100. So I think Nikon is waaayyy behind the times on this. The D5200 is probably the same.

The one big disadvantage is body size/lens size with a DSLR. If you can live with that, I wouldn't change from Nikon. The output should please you.

What makes me use mirrorless (in my case, a Panasonic)?

The size and less clunky Live View. Though all the mirrorless cameras I've tried have worse battery life than a DSLR (and are far worse to view low-light scenes with their electronic viewfinders). But a DSLR has a size disadvantage and clunky Live View implementation, and those that are better in this area (Sony Alpha models) have to rely on electronic viewfinders...which can be pretty poor.

Otherwise, get a traditional DSLR like the Nikon.

but mirrorless has clunky OVF implementation........

CSC`s are hybrid machines designed for multimedia applicators, DSLR`s are designed for stills, plain and simple.
DSLR`s are good at stills and they can shoot video, but the video is poorly implemented.

i would say a Dslr is a truer hybrid, OVF and live view, stills and video, PDAF and CDAF.....much more than in a mirrorless camera.

No its an over sized SLR fitted with a sensor and a load of electronics.

why is it oversized? how do you quantify that statement, and with what set of specifications to measure against? I was actually showing a Dslr has more features than a mirrorless camera in certain regards.

Buy growing up using SLR`s and various film camera`s, the last full frame DSLR I picked up was two or three times the Size and weight of my OLD OM1 fitted with a fifty.

sounds more like a personal preference than anything else, i doubt your experience is used globally to tell if a camera is oversized or not

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