Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Lens just before being packaged and sent off

Adrian Van wrote:

Although I am on your side to the condition of the lens (and your buyer sounds shady), when I buy a lens used from someone, I actually ask for a few photos (actual subject images captured) taken with the lens at various aperatures (f stop range) so I can check sharpness in particular, in addition to photos showing the lens condition (glass fronts and body) itself. Is it possible to post one or two of the subject image photos you last took with this lens to show how clean it is in the images for us reading this post? Possibly something with open skies maybe or flat areas. We can check the EXIF settings for f-stops.

I myself, have posted items on Kiijii and Craiglist locally and a few responses come from shady prospective buyers which is unavoidable, but they are usually easy to spot and avoid, based on their written inquiries. However, have sold to many good buyers which outnumber the bad inquires and I only sell in person with cash sales, as these sites recommend (so the buyer tests my lenses right in front on me to their satisfaction and can view images on my monitors), in my local area which is a city with a lot of photographers.

Although, if you lived in a smaller town, listing on an auction a more expensive specialized lens like this, makes more sense to sell this type of lens to reach more people. I have nothing against using auction sites or ebay or amazon. I have bought from Amazon some items such as used flashes. One flash I am still using, the other lasted 6 months (Nikon SB800 which they do not make new anymore/discontinued, but is well suited to wedding photography as it is a workhorse flash I really like).

This is one of the last images..from a wedding I attended but doesn't have any faces in it so OK to put up.

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