Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

After using a 2009 imac 27 inch for 3 years and still going strong, I would agree Mac is faster if you have PC and mac with the same specs: processor, video card, ram,... as the Mac internal hardware architecture I have read is more efficient pipeline of data throughput on imac over a similar PC (or has that since changed on the PC side?). This was demonstrated on a chart on apple site a while back when I bought mine. Benchmarks show it too. However, with new SSD startup drives and fast i7 systems, windows can still do a great job processing.

The monitors on the imac are excellent high resolution and colour and if you tried to build same spec with both PC and mac as an all in one system (like imac) price is similar if you look at the Dell "all in ones top XPS 27" systems" for example, price not far off.

I really like the Mac OS system now that I know it, after using windows for over 10 years.

That said, some of my programs like Sony Vegas Pro only work in windows, so I use Parallels and Bootcamp. I prefer Bootcamp for Vegas. Parallels 7 is still slower than Bootcamp, although handy for some applications when I do not want to switch over from Mac OS so I use both. I need Win7 for some of my other windows programs as well.

For my photo editing programs and adobe suite, iMac is great for fast processing and editing.

To each their own, and your taste may vary on OS preference. Like Windows 7 a lot when I am using it. Do not like Windows 8 as a few of my IT friends do not like Win8 metro either, despite having option of using retro or start8.

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