Cost of repair E-500 sensor

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dave gaines
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Cost of repair - use it until something else breaks

How high of an ISO can you use on an E-500 anyway, before getting unacceptable noise? I don't know but I try to stay at or below ISO 400 with my E-5, even though noise can be fixed in pp. And I know lots of people shoot the E-5 at a higher ISO than this. I just try not to.

If the camera shutter fails after another couple of years of use, then pay the price of a new shutter and sensor at that time. Part of the cost is a minimum handling and take-apart fee. Chances are you could get the sensor and a shutter (or any other problem that may come along) replaced for not too much more money.

I'd use tha camera as is and save my money for a better upgrade later. Even a used E-30, E-620 or an E-3 would be similarly priced and a better upgrade, compared to repairing the E-500.

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