70-200mm lenses and options

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Re: 70-200mm lenses and options

No by no means was this a detailed scientific test. The nikon version of this lens took some time to come out so I am not sure what the hold up was compared to the canon version. I think tamron has mixed results based upon if you are buying nikon mount or tamron mount. This is why I dont think comparing a canon version to a nikon version will yield the same results. I do agree that a test by lensrentals or dxomarks on these two lenses (nikon version) will reveal the differences. One thing for sure is even of you say AF, contrast and color rendition is the same, you cant say that the build quality is the same. That alone can be enough for a wedding shooter like me. I would like to also see test results but I think as lensrentals points out, they have found they need or like to have a 8+ versions of the same lens to test since it seems QC can be different on each. This has been my experience with tamron and especially sigma. I did not have 8+ copies and a test chart to paint a full picture. People like fro knows photo also go into a store and play with the lens and try to make an assessment and these will never be as accurate as someone with several copies and proper test methods. I tested based upon my experience as a nikon user since the early 90's and it is still only my humble opinion and nothing more. Happy shooting

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