Resolution of M43 lenses

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Re: This always ends up as a faux-ethical argument

Since optical performance is only a minor driver of price in lenses (although build cost is a bigger one and you'd hope they are linked, quite a bit, fingers crossed) I think it is not unreasonable for people to say whether they think a lens is or is not worth the money.

For example is the Canon 24-70 f2.8 mk II worth £1700+, it's the best 24-70 out there (IMHO, tons of evidence available on that one, but I chose Canon not m43 to make it non-contentions here as it's an example not an argument) but do people care that much about absolutes or does value for money rear its head? (I'd say, and explain the reasoning, to get the 24-105 and pocket a grand, even more so on a FF body, unless you absolutely need the f2.8, others wouldn't...)

I'd certainly agree there isn't a "right" answer, but I'm cool with some debate if it's informed and reasonably conducted - though not do much with the tendency towards "this is the best and as I declare it to be the one true fact", but "my opinion is ... supported by this evidence ..." is okay with me. Not saying something's a personal opinion does annoy me a little though - that one doesn't need to be an opinion as it's a fact, although only about my thought processes! Then again maybe people are being handed engraved Marble tablets for real rather than just in their heads

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