The compact camera that makes you forget you DSLR

Started Mar 31, 2013 | User reviews thread
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Re: The compact camera that makes you forget you DSLR

bill hansen wrote:

I'm hoping to find a used NEX 6 with kit lens soon. I also liked your enthusiasm, and I agree that the "discussions" about 5 stars versus 4.8, etc, are a waste of time.

I do want to ask about one thing you wrote: "Basically you lose in AF speed, mainly in low light condition(s)".....  Are you missing out on action shots because of slow focus speed with your NEX? I had hoped that the hjybrid autofocus (with PDAF, phase detection autofocus) would allow very fast autofocus. Is this not happening for you?

Bill, I'm interested in the Nex-6. That's why I'm reading the review. Like you, I have questions. What I was trying to determine is if they were worth asking of the OP. I don't know the OP, so I don't know what criteria he is using to judge by, and his five star rating seems suspect as I wouldn't give any camera I own 5 stars. I've known lots people where the latest thing is great and oh so groovy until it suddenly isn't, so yes I'm a little skeptical. I think the OP judges things a lot differently than I do so, I don't think I can use his opinion to help me determine if the 6 is really a camera I want to buy. I'm sorry this is an issue.  Next time I'm just not post anything an let people go about in their perfect world, until it suddenly isn't.

Thank you

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