Any Nikon P330 experiences?

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Re: Any Nikon P330 experiences?

Hmmm! The plot thickens.

marike6... I purchased this camera and for anyone to say that the camera is inferior in build to the P310 automatically calls into question their credibility.

I can tell you as I said before... perfect formula... all of the best of the P310 with better sensor, better high ISO, and RAW to boot!!!

BTW I also own a P7700 and this camera is comparable to the image quality found on that camera.

Sounds to me like he is trolling heavily, works for Canon and has a few S110's sitting on the shelf, or simply has an axe to grind... you take your pick

Or maybe I don't like seeing people who work hard spend their hard earned money on something I don't think is a $379 upgrade, but your theory sounds sounds more realistic. Happy shooting.

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