HX300 vs HS50 vs FZ200 w/ TC 1200mm vs 1000mm vs 1020mm?

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Re: There is difference in light and focus point?

jcmarfilph wrote:

I took a second look at this comparison and it occurred to me that there is a huge difference in light (because of time between two setup) and the angles and the focus point?

I cropped two sections where both have similar light and in focus. FZ200 left - HS50 right.

One thing to note here is that, HS50 has huge advantage in reach so the result from FZ200 is only possible if you have a Nikon TC17ED which is quite expensive.

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Agreed Joms, I really like the HS50 much better than any other Superzoom available as far as UI and build...these were shot at unreal distances to be honest with high contrast subjects...25-30m...that sounds good, but realistically we know as typical shooters your not going to get many details from birds or wildlife at this distance...UNLESS it is large wildlife...even a DSLR at this distance will struggle to pull details of a small subject such as a bird at these distances...

To really compare one needs to shoot at 25-35ft at a distance these cams can realistically resolve bird feathers, etc...

The HS50 is a VERY nice Superzoom, and better made/implemented than any of the others I have handled...just can't adjust the jpegs sharp enough for my liking...

It comes down to Shutter Speed for me and I can get it with the FZ200, so thats why I am sticking with it...

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Mr Ichiro Kitao, I support the call to upgrade the FZ50.
I will not only buy one but two no questions asked...

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