Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

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Re: Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

You all have been very generous with your feedback!  You have put on a clinic for me.  I will need to read up a bit on the abbreviations.

I have yet to touch a new camera but I will after April 15th - I am a tax accountant and snowed under until then.

I plan to go to a shop where where they rent cameras and hopefully they have these to demo and apply the rental fee against the purchase.  After I try them out I will check with you and give you an update.

Oh... a few more thoughts.  I have yet to check in on lens but yes I think I want a "mid" zoom that is fast.  2.8 or so.  3.5 won't cut it.  I am the type who doesn't carry a bag (yet?) just brings the camera with one lens.  As for price, I think I will find the camera and one or two lenses and then worry about cost.  If the new price is too much, then I will look for used if I can get a warranty.

Cheers,  Glenn

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