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Re: Dropoff seems like a greater problem to me...

Dr_Jon wrote:

Which is why I was disappointed with my fast Panasonic zooms over the results I get with my not-requiring-distortion-correction Canon lenses, which are generally noticeably sharper when looking at the final image at the same size. But allowing for the size-weight reduction I think the 35-100 is a pretty fair bit of kit and am happy with my purchase. I think the 12-35 should have been 12-50 for the performance it gives (meaning for that optical quality I would have preferred to be paying that much for a 4x zoom not a 3x). It is pleasantly light though.

However you are missing the point. He's talking about vignetting correction and if you have to boost the brightness you don't get an equivalent image as effectively that area has a much higher ISO (so more noise and less DR). This is also true of some of the Canon lenses I have, or of lenses generally unless you pay for one with an expanded image circle. (The Canon Tilt-Shift lenses are pretty good in the corners if you don't shift them much.)

I think the 12-35 vignetting is a little high, especially as the DR of the m43 sensors does disappear pretty quickly as ISO rises, but I wouldn't rate it as a design flaw, I think it's within acceptable limits even for a lens of that price. Actually what does surprise me is that quite a bit of the distortion and vignetting isn't fixed in the JPEGs but left in, which seems very odd to me. If I have JPEG vignetting correction on with my 5DmkII it fixes it, but the 12-25 seems to have 1-1.2 stops left, ditto with the distortion. I have no answer for this. (It is quite odd comparing DXO-processed raw files with the JPEGs, you start wondering if the camera wasn't correcting them at all...)

Vignetting correction (aka "shading compensation") is optional with MFT. It is not done by default. I think all Oly bodies might have the option and at least the more recent Panys.

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