Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Bad news here--burned through a bunch more paper trying various programs, settings and paper.  The best was through Lightroom 3 with all color management turned off for the printer driver, but it was still way off.  Spent 3 hours on phone with Canon.  Finally sent them my file and the scanned print from my PRO-100.  They printed it on their own PRO-100 using Easy-Photoprint, and it did the same thing.  The rep's cheap desktop 2-cartridge printer printed blues much more accurately than his PRO-100 did.  Then he tried both with a Canon sample image with the same conclusion.  Well %&*#!  Perhaps he and I are both idiots, but he put me on 20-minute hold while he consulted with others, and I can't believe none of then would know how to correctly print a jpeg on their own machine.  So I'm sending it back to Amazon.  My backup ideas were the ix6520 and the ip7220.  The rep happily printed my image on their 7220 and said it was better than the PRO-100 but still not as accurate as his 2-tank.  He's trying to dig up a ix6520 to compare.  To his credit, he readily agreed that he'd not keep a printer with those PRO-100 prints either.  I really have no conclusions--It's only the cool blues that are bad, and there are so many folks here and elsewhere that like their PRO-100 that I can't think it's universal.

Bummer.  I was hoping you'd come up with something.  My problem is that I've now had the printer beyond the return date.  I'm planning to call Canon this afternoon to see if there's anything they can do.

What did it for me was sending them the images I posted here--an original file and the scans from my PRO-100 and i860.  Their own prints matched my PRO print, but not my i860 or the original.  FWIW, they were very helpful and you may get them to do what you decide to do.  BTW, the rep found an ix6520, set it up and reported very accurate results.  I'm going to give that one a try.  It's not wireless and not supposed to be in the same league, but I'm out of options.

I called Canon, sent my comparison images.  They had me print one of their sample photos.  Yep, magenta.  He's looking into it and will call me back later this afternoon.  I told him to print it on a Pro 100 there.  He said he would.  Plus he is looking at other stuff (?).  I wanted a good photo printer because (a) I print all my own personal photos and (b) I am just starting a digital media master's program.  I love the sharpness of the Pro 100 but I have to get the magenta fixed.

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