Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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wider the fixed-lens, the more advantage it has over changeable-lens cams

The rather excellent Fuji 14mm F/2.8 lens weighs 275 grams and costs about $900 U.S. dollars. You don't get a free camera thrown in for that price and weight.

A 12mm F/4.5, 350-400 gram Sigma "DP0m" (DPzeroMerrill) would be thrilling, if it came close to the high optical performance standard of the Sigma 19, 30 and 50mm lens cameras. Sigma seems to have a bit of success selling their Foveon-sensor cameras for around $1000 dollars, guess that price would continue to work all around for a 12mm F/4.5 fixed-lens Merrill.

Am further guessing a 12mm "DP0m" would encourage people like myself to buy a 2- or 3-camera kit, involving the 12mm and either the 30mm or 50mm Foveon (super high resolution for their pixel count) Sigmas.

Can imagine quality-interested photographers walking around with wonderfully light weight Sigma DP0m (imaginary) and DP3m (soon to be real) cameras and my lightest carbon fiber tripod. You could take such clearer photos in many situations than a same-weight, much higher cost dual-lens Nikon D800e outfit that would have no tripod.

Left half of Ephotozine's Sigma 350-gram, $1000 dollar DP1 merrill (19mm wide angle camera) image, resized to about the same resolution as their Nikon D800e image below.

Does the left half of this D800e ePhotozine image, taken probably with a Nikon 24mm zoom lens, have a dime's worth of clarity difference in comparison to the Sigma DP1m?

A kit containing dual 12mm and 30mm Sigmas would weigh 800 grams and cost maybe $1900 dollars? Ignoring the tripod issue, it would have low-ISO image quality comparable to a Nikon D800e rig both costing and weighing about twice as much. Of course the Sigma kit would have no zoom lens (not needed by the author), isn't fast-handling (ditto not needed by some of us and/or with every camera we own), and can't compete with the D800e at high ISO (but am not usually in a situation with high ISO where I'm going to get the most aesthetically beautiful images anyway, would rather have a small, light Fuji XE-1 for that kind of thing).

Really just looking at cost and weight, could have a 3-camera Sigma system for a lot less money than a Nikon D800e, with roughly the same focal length options, and almost as good low-ISO image quality as shown above. Actually a super wide Sigma could be way better for certain kinds of ultra quality photography than some Nikon or Canon lens, if (a) it kept with Sigma's practice of putting out super low lenses (0.3% distortion) as seen with the Sigma DP1m lens and (b) the low weight lets you take along a tripod with your Sigma, that you wouldn't want to bother with in a heavier Nikon full frame kit.

A 12mm Sigma "DP0m" for $1000 dollars would be a beautiful thing. Really the wider the lens, the more a fixed-lens camera, and a no-moire-filter camera like the Sigmas, gains more advantage over interchangeable lens cams.

Because it's wide angle Foveon lenses that can benefit the most from having removed the anti-moire-artifact blurring filter removed, and/or having sensor microlenses "tuned to point in the right direction". You can't optimize an interchangeable lens camera to favor some certain wide angle lens and focal length it might have to work with, but you sure can tune the heck out of a fixed-lens camera's sensor microlenses. And it's wider and wider angles that have ever more to gain from such sensor tuning, and Foveon's ability to work pretty well without a blurring anti-moire filter that tends to especially blur the corners of most wide-angle lenses.

My own posed-portrait and architecture clients don't pay me to take a lot of pictures real quickly. After all the less time (work) I put into each photo setup, the more my photos tend to look like amateur ones anyway. There have to be bunches of folks like me that would especially treasure a super wide angle Foveon camera, full-frame super Nikon quality without the weight and cost, even if we had no zoom lenses, and even if there were slowdowns after taking a bunch of pictures in a row real quickly.

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