Advise on 24-70 f2.8 MKII Not happy with results, advise please

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Re: Advise on 24-70 f2.8 MKII Not happy with results, advise please


I think you're wrong to expect the f/2.8 to wipe the floor with the f/4. You seem to be majoring on centre sharpness where I think you would struggle to see a big difference even if you were to compare against the 24-105 which tends to be bundled as a FF 'kit' lens. In the corners you will see a bigger difference, but again not as much as I think you expected. Looking at the statistical tests that were posted by Lens Rentals and being very hand wavey it looks like you can expect between a 5% to 10% difference in sharpness depending on focal length and whether you're looking at a centre or corner.

I've bought the f/2.8 about 3 weeks ago and I'm still getting to grips with it. At the moment I can certainly say it's sharp, it's a very snappy focus, whilst features like f/2.8 and weather sealing are important to me. On the other hand I feel like I wouldn't have described it as the sharpest zoom lens ever which is how some reviews did and I get less keepers from a focus point of view than I think I'm entitled to expect based on my experience with my 70-200 f/4 IS. And it's not as sharp as I would have hoped at 70mm and f/2.8, but that seems to be a known weakness. I shoot with a 7D and all of this is a hobby for me. Getting to grips with it has been complicated by very the poor weather this winter(Switzerland) so I've I've only used it 'properly' twice. Once on a rare sunny weekend morning at a local playground with my two boys and once trying to take some portraits of my two youngest nieces for my sister. I think it's a good lens and I got it for around £1350 on the Swiss high street so I'm happy enough to stick with it. I think I could probably go along with one description of it being like having a bag full of f/2.8 primes (with some weaknesses IMO), and I may have plumped for the f/4 if I'd had a chance to use them both, but so be it. I'd be interested in what you finally decide.

To give you a feel for the type of results I'm getting I've posted a few samples at varying focal lengths. Hope you don't mind me doing that on your thread. I'm not trying to pass them off as anything special but they're real life shots as opposed to test charts and there doesn't seem to be that many people shots posted with it on here. The playground stuff is just snapshots really, but between them playing and moving around on the swing and slide it gave me a chance to put it through it's paces and check it's focus speed/accuracy etc. I'm deliberately doing things like shooting wide open (one of it's supposed strengths), high ISO and messy lighting when I really shouldn't just to see how things turn out. The portraits of the nieces were a bit more considered and formal, but fall down in giving you no clue of corner sharpness but I guess nevertheless this is one of the types of photography that this lens is targeted at. I also included one at f/4@70mm to show how it sharpens up there.

Edit: Not sure why EXIF has been lost. In order, the focal lengths are: 24mm, 31mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 70mm. All at f/2.8 except the last one which is at f/4.0.

Slight front focus from where I intended.

Thought this turned out well given the lack of light and need for quick focus tracking when he came round corner. Slight front focus again though

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