Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: Is Full frame still the most versatile?

zenpmd wrote:

Yes, they are big cameras, but with the constant apeture pro zoom lens they are (probably) the only lenses you will ever need. The DOF equivalent on, say, the new Tamron 2.8 24-70 will never happen on m4/3, since it would require an aperture of 1.4 throughout the zoom range, thats never going to happen!

Yes to me absolutely. I am a Canon FF shooter and two Canon F2.8 zoom are so good, in addition to some best primes that don't have equivalents on smaller crop formats.

I suppose its just a shame there is no a 2.8 constant zoom lens that extends to around 85mm on FF that allows for good portraits. 70 is too short.

70-200 F2.8 convers 85mm, right?  I think you mean one F2.8 constant zoom from 24mm to 85mm that will be too large and too heavy with more compromises.  Therefore vendors break into two F2.8 zoom, one covers 24-70mm and another for 70-200mm.

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