Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Get a custom built PC if your main use is photo editing.

Tom_N wrote:

Ken Johnes wrote:

1. you can decide what components you want in your system and buy it yourself and you can upgrade it anytime you wish, no guarantee problems by opening the PC case

I'm not sure if you realized what you just said:  "you can … guarantee problems by opening the PC case" (!!!)  Not the argument I'd make for a custom-built PC.

Tom ,it´s my english which made you write that ,my bad( sorry ,it´s my 4th language ;-).but i thought  it was clear .What i meant was " no - Guarantee related problems"..:-)

4. you get a lot more for your money than you get from Apple or Hp or dell or anybody. try adding 16 GB ram instead of 8 GB on a mac config from the Apple store and see how much they charge for the additional 8GB RAM ( which you could  get for some 40- 50$  from your local store).buy it- plug it- in start working, no sending anywhere no waiting for few days etc,etc.

You're apparently unaware that most current Macs have user-upgradable RAM, and that third parties sell RAM for them.

try opening your new mac and  plug in one component not sold by apple directly`during the warranty /guarantee period ´and see if they service your mac for free when something goes wrong.( by the way check their RAM upgrade prices;-) )

either way nothing comes close to the price/performance/user upgradability of a custom or self built PC.the fact is if you want an affordable 16 or even 32 GB ram, 3.5-4ghz  quadcore system for around 700-1000 $ for photo /video editing the best bet is a custom PC.with mac the same config may run at twice or 3 times the price with not much of a noticable or useful performance boost.

it´s the same with intel processors too, you pay way too much for the high end proc for simply 15-20 % performance boost.

The models on which RAM is not user-upgradable are the MacBook Air, the Retina MacBook Pro, and the 21.5" iMac.  The first two are "thin and light" notebooks that have soldered-in RAM, as do virtually all PC Ultrabooks.  The 21.5" iMac used to have four user-accessible RAM slots, but sadly, lost that feature in the current generation.

i dont think the OP want those above mentioned macs for photo editing anyway

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