Rumor: Possible Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specs

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Re: D400

Wyville wrote:

mailman88 wrote:

.....the 70D and 7DmkII are NOT RUMORS. They will come, just later than most people want.

Spec's are the problem. Every rumor that comes out, the spec's change.

That's what everyone said about the Nikon D400 back in 2009 when I was in the market for a replacement for my D80. Glad I went with the 7D or I would have still been waiting!

Rumors are rumors and only a few people from Canon know what will eventually be released. Even if there are prototypes out there being tested it still doesn't mean any of those will be realized as an actual product.

True, but I am still watching for the D400, E-7 and 7DII to update my 7D.


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