EPL 5 or NEX 5R

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Re: EPL 5 or NEX 5R

Chatokun wrote:

I keep seeing people mention the Nex5 as faster. I don't have the EPL5 or the Nex, but I do have the OMD with the same sensor as the EPL5, and it's ridiculously fast. Someone earlier mentioned some panasonics faster than the Pens, but I can't really see that, unless it's the GH3. I know my GX1 definitely was slower than the OMD, and it was pretty quick itself.

I don't recall any Nex reviews saying they were faster than the OMD. Is the EPL5 slower than the OMD, despite the same sensor? Or does all the Nex have over them is the the PDAF for tracking? If the Nex is faster than the EPL5, and the EPL5 is as fast as the OMD, then I think that's a moot point... the OMD is blazing fast, and any difference would hardly be noticeable.

I'm not sure what kind of "fast AF" people are talking about here. The fast AF means that when my dog starts running in my direction, the question is how many sharp full size pictures can I get in those 3 seconds from the start to the moment he's licking my lens?

If you need this AF performance, mirrorless are ill-suited for this. The rest is just static objects, and there are little difficulties focusing with practically any camera/lens, both Sony and Olympus are satisfactory. The worst mirrorless I had was Pentax K-01, which slowly turned my large screwdrive lenses. How bad is bad? -- just about 0.5-0.8 sec on average. Does it make any difference for static objects? -- None.

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