5d mklll grip c---p

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bigdaddave Senior Member • Posts: 1,163
I agre with you

I agree, of all the Canon grips I've used I like the genuine 5DIII one the least, it's bulky and uncomfortable.

ardtullaich wrote:

Bought the 5d mklll .

Wonderfull camera just missing multi spot and spot metering at all focus points.

But the grip is sh-te.

Why do they have to make the things so bulky .

Been useing the pro bodies for the last 8 years 1d's and 1ds's  so why cant they make a grip the same profile as the pro bodies why does it have to be 10mm + bigger than them.

Ok their more ergo  now and finally fit the batteries the right way round. But still they make the grip to fit a Gorilla. They don't do it with the pro bodies so why with thier grips.

I'm going to buy a chinese copy and hack the hell out of it and make my own custom grip.

There  is plenty of room in the grip to fit every thing and still some fresh air.

And why put the contacts for the power in the middle of the carriage why not at the end like the pro batteries.

Mate uses nikons and there grips are far better.

The 5d still feels like its got a brick stuck to the bottom of it.

And the japs have such petite hands how can they get this so wrong

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