D7100 - Face close-ups test images, harsh lighting, ISO 1600-6400

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Well said

RudyPohl wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

Since I do not own one, I will suggest that you try another set but, this time, in slightly more forgiving light.  In other words, give your lens enough light to operate but use your camera settings to regulate the light.  Then, create a decent but difficult high iso exposure.   Shoot late in the day so you can watch the light dip, shoot outdoors to give yourself some room, and zoom out to a reasonable portrait fl like 135. That will also add some speed to your lens.  Borrow the blond from the store and you are set!  You want to be close enough with enough light to grab focus clean and precise.

Just because the light levels were beyond the limit of your gear in the first set does not mean that the D7100 cannot be an all around camera with consumer type lenses.  I would love to give it a go and compare the results immediately with my D90 and the rest of my kit.  My suspicion, from what I have seen, is that the results would be 1-2 stops better at the higher iso's (shooting more comfortably between 800-1600 instead of considering 400-800 the upper range) with finer grain in the lower registers.  Noise would not completely disappear.  I think you have to weigh the iso benefit with the other features of the camera.  Judging by noise alone, why not just get a D7000?  I think the 1.3 crop mode, the lack of an AA filter, and the revamped af system must be thrown into the stew (no frogs) of your judgment.

What other lenses are you considering at this point to get the most out of your new camera?

Hi Brev00:

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Perhaps you will understand what I'm trying to do when you understand my photography context... I'll give a few details...

After many years of absence from photography I bought a Panasonic FZ200 super-zoom camera last Fall and happily discovered the world of wildlife photography. After taking about 15,000 shots and going as far as I felt I could with this type of equipment I recently opted to buy a DSLR rig costing me $1800 instead of $600, this is with the 70-300 G VR lens. I am not prepared or able to immediately spend an additional $1000 on a better lens unless and until I can demonstrate to myself that I will be any good at DSLR wildlife photography. Thus, I have set myself the limitation of NOT buying anything else until I master the equipment I now have - which is alleged a top-rated wildlife camera (sharp as all get-out and great AF), plus a not great, but moderately "half-decent" zoom lens).

To sum up, if I can't consistently get nicely-coloured, properly exposed, in-focus images of birds and animals with this rig that means that wildlife photography can't possibly have $2000 as it's entry level, and really requires $3000 expenditure before the images are actually worth looking at. If that is the case, then I'm definitely in the wrong hobby.

And what's more, I'm not satisfied with the D7100 if that shoots only birds well; I want it to do a few more things besides that. I'm not expecting it to shoot flawless portraits in low light like a Canon 5D MKII would do, but I am expecting it to do a wide variety of things reasonably well  under reasonably challenging conditions. That's one of the reasons I shot these images in the camera store under the harsh florescent lights.

An excellent approach and well thought out. Certainly merit in that approach. That body and lens combo is easily able to do what you want...folks have been doing it with that lens and much lessor bodies for some time. Many examples of that. Trick will be getting your skill level up in the way that lends itself to your goals. It is not an easy thing...artistic endeavors often aren't. I have a long ways to go myself but enjoy the effort.  Every time I think I'm close someone comes along with a lesson in how much farther I have to go.  I don't mind...free motivation Good Luck!!

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