a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: Works flawless with Skyport

John Tait wrote:

Nordstjernen wrote:

Clyde Thomas wrote:

So it doesn't matter to you either way, adapters or not.  I prefer adapters for studio dumb triggers, and native solutions for on camera work.  You know, the way it was.

Better without adapters, no problems with well built adapters like those from Sony. A bit pricy though.

Nordstjernen - a question for you.  I'm thinking about buying the fvl-f60m and the Phottix Odin wireless system.  If I buy both now I would have to use the adapter that comes with the flash to connect to the Odin receiver.  You've said that using the included Sony adapter is not a problem, but other people complain that the adapters don't lock on the iISO side.  What keeps the adapter from sliding out of the iISO shoe?  Similarly, at some point in the future I expect I'll have a body with the new shoe.  What would keep the Odin sending unit from sliding out of the iISO side of the adapter?

Oh, yes, I use an A77.



Hello John,

I'm not sure where you heard these complaints,but the provided adapter locks onto the old iISO hotshoe.It also has a release button on the side to unlock it.

I have used it on my pixel king receivers with a FVL-F60m attached without issues.This setup is very similar to what you want to do with the Odins.The adapter locks onto the top of the pixel king receiver and the flash onto the adapter.All three lock to each other and full TTL information is passed through the adapter.

Hope this helps alleviate any concerns.


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