I think Thom was right, again...

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Agreed? Nope. (Au revoir Dave)

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Now that you've exercised that chip on your shoulder, I'll just add you to my ignore list....as you dont seem to have any knowledge to share. LOL...keeping people honest....arent you just full of yourself

Folk here are free to compare archived posts and if they do, there's little doubt that you'll be seen as being not just one of the most argumentative and contentious of DPR's forum members, but one that apparently relishes dishing out personal attacks. The conclusion that they will most likely form is that if anyone has a chip on their shoulder it's you, and by a wide margin. That you're putting me on your ignore list is nothing but a compliment, showing that my arguments were too persuasive for you to even attempt to refute. As you depart (implying that a followup reply won't be forthcoming, but we'll see...) your "LOL" rings a bit hollow. You're probably all too aware of that, as are many others.

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