Results of Mini Poll.. Who's changing Formats ?

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Re: Results of Mini Poll.. Who's changing Formats ?

Well, This is an interesting thread. I have been struggling with system change. I have been a digital Photographer/Videographer for 10+ years, with too many years of film, trying different cameras, mostly Canon and Sony. I had 3 different Canon DSLR bodies and 3 Canon lenses, all L glass. All very good.

But, I noticed over time how I had to discipline myself to always carry my gear with me for personal work, now paid work, I had no problem, crazy I know! But that was my thinking at the time. Just this past year I have sold all my Canon gear to downsize for obvious reasons.

I chose the sony Nex-7 and a Sony Nex-VG20 Camcorder as my new format APS-C. All my Canon gear was APS-C. There are a lot of things that I like about the Sony Nex system, however I'm now making money with Video and shooting Photos for some clients and the Nex system has some glaring problems that I have to dance around, but having a small size and light weight camera system that has interchangeable lenses, is very convenient and economical.

Just this past week I decided to purchase a Panasonic GH3 Camera and 2 lenses- 12-35mm F2.8 X Lense, and the 45mm F2.8 Leica/Pan Macro/Portrait lens, my reason to try this system out was both size, and the fact that I was not very happy with any of Sony's lenses, especially coming from Canon's L glass, and the rave reviews the GH3 has been getting, especially in the video side. I have to say, that the GH3 is very very nice so far, and the glass is excellent, and I was dubious coming from Canons lenses. This GH3's video is a real game changer in the DSLR Video market and Sony's and the MFT's.

In my constant quest for striving for what I want: One system that is, light weight, excellent len's selection, lots of features, especially video, and above all, sharp images that can be printed out to 36x24 or even larger, mostly for my personal work, I love landscape, and Video that meets the BBC broadcast standard. I have come to this conclusion, It ain't gonna happen for me.

So, Rather than trying to figure out which is the best format and system to change to, I'm making a commitment to more than one system! Instead of fighting, trying to get the right kind of system to meet all my needs.

I'm going to keep My Nex-7, good for decent video, especially where a small camera is required, or aerial video. and I'm going to keep the GH3 as my main video platform, and some photography. and I'm really thinking about getting the Nikon D800-or D800E, and one really good Super wide or wide prime just for my personal landscape work. 36 megapixels is a lot of advantage in cropping and making large prints. The only negatives that I can see here with this thinking is, Having to schlep around multiple gear,(I already do that because of bulky video tools) and of course the cost factor, however, when I think about all of the money that I have thrown away by changing systems over the these past years, It makes it a whole lot easier to justify the upward cost for me.

My Photographic and Video work is very project oriented. I don't carry a camera with me and shoot random shots as a personal hobby. When I want to shoot images and do video, I plan for a topic and a location that allows me to express my self by really getting focused on what i'm doing. Sometimes my equipment might not get in my hands for a month at a time, but I have been getting busier as of lately, Need to to pay for this new way of thinking, LOL!

There is one main factor here that has been the driving force for even changing or switching to any system, and that is QUALITY output at the best possible price point that you can afford or not afford-LOL! So I think that if your a person who likes Quality, in more than one defining area of Photography/Video, Having more than one Format is now more essential than in the past.

Just some food for thought, hope your hungry!

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