Amazon Glacier: the perfect photo archival service?

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Re: Amazon Glacier: the perfect photo archival service?

Victor Engel wrote:

Unless they've changed (I believe they have, but I don't know what the changes are), Carbonite is a piece of junk. They've burned their bridges with me, and I don't trust them.

Sure, for small amounts of data, it seems to work fine but they throttle you after a modest amount of data. By default, they only back up a small subset of file types. If a file goes missing, and you don't notice for 30 days, they assume you deleted it and delete it from their backup. That defeats the whole purpose of having a backup. I switched from them to Crashplan and have been thrilled with the change. CP was about 5 times as fast, way more reliable, and doesn't delete files when you need them for restore.

Another vote for Crashplan.  I've used Mozy in the past, though am switching to Crashplan because of cost.  It would be great if there was a mechanism for also backing up to Glacier as an extra layer of redundancy.

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