The compact camera that makes you forget you DSLR

Started Mar 31, 2013 | User reviews thread
Russell Evans Forum Pro • Posts: 12,607
Re: The compact camera that makes you forget you DSLR

shaolin95 wrote:

Wow all this BS comments about his 5 stars rating for real? Is people here so damn lame that they focus on such stupid thing?

I liked the review and dont give a damn about him using 5 stars or 20. Get a life for God's sake!

I ate sushi the other day and the fortune in the fortune cookie said, "Rude and strong words are a sign of a weak argument".  Or maybe it said "weak mind"? I can't quite remember.

The irony of your comments is that you too are commenting on the 5 star ranking. You're like a monkey throwing poop, some poop may actually come my way, but most the stink stays with you.

Thank you

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