Pentax new cameras with Silkypix software only?

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Re: Pentax new cameras with Silkypix software only?

Soaptrail wrote:

Can LR4 pull out the preview JPEG like DCU4?  I still use DCU4 just to get the preview file out.

Sorry in my original post i was calling DCU4 by the ver 3 name PENTAX PHOTO Browser/Laboratory.

You can get LR4 to update the JPEG preview of the DNG file based on the raw conversion settings. Select the image(s), and choose 'Update DNG Preview and Metadata'.

But in any case it's trivially simple to batch generate a whole set of JPEGs to any size, sharpness, quality, colour space, etc... so unless you have particular need for the preview, you won't need to go to all the extra trouble.

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