A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Glen - more answers about Linux

Glen Barrington wrote:

Ubuntu Linux, seems like a do-able option, though not perfect.

Yes, absolutely. Once you get accustomed to a Linux desktop, I feel you will prefer it to Windows (any style).

I've looked at Raw Therapee as a replacement for Lightroom and I'd say it's almost there.  The raw development is pretty good...

More demosaicing options than LR, anyway. I do not have a Raw capable camera, so I cannot comment.

I'm less thrilled with its functions as a photo management tool.

Digikam, as you mentioned. Also I like Corel Aftershot as a photo management tool. I really appreciate the way it leaves the original as-is and places an edit file in the same directory. Use of a normal filesystem is a huge win IMO.

AFAIK, Aftershot is exactly the same on Linux and Windows.

I have yet to do any evaluation as a presentation product...

Nothing that I've seen is as good as PowerPoint.

Gimp. . . is usable.  I still don't like its UI.

I like the UI, but Gimp 2.8 changed a bunch of menus around for no apparent reason, like Adobe used to do in Photoshop. Maybe Adobe still does that, but I have not upgraded since CS2.

I've heard some good things about "DarkTable", I believe.

Also DigiKam. Not sure which is better. With Corel Aftershot you might not need either.

At this point Microsoft seems almost suicidal to me.

Blue is more of the same-old-same-old that I really want to avoid. The thing I hate most about the Windows ecosystem is sudden mandatory upgrades that do absolutely nothing to improve my user experience or security. Blue is like a constant upgrade nightmare, based on what MSFT themselves have said.

I can't believe the major photo software vendors aren't at least investigating the possibility of producing Linux versions of their poplular titles, if for no other options than to hedge their bets.

Adobe Lightroom on Linux would be interesting. But as Steve Jobs said, Adobe has gotten lazy, so I doubt they have a project going at the moment.

Linux presents many difficulties for software vendors: at least two window systems (Gnome and KDE), two package installers (DEB and RPM) and minor differences in where to place stuff on each distro.

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