D7100 - Face close-ups test images, harsh lighting, ISO 1600-6400

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Re: D7100 - Face close-ups test images, harsh lighting, ISO 1600-6400

Hi Rudy know some of the folks you shot, good shop and nice folks. The d7100 is a little of a letdown for high ISO and really not as sharp as I expected for real life shooting but the focus seems pretty good the color and tonality seems noticeably better at lower ISO's and color retention at higher ISO's seems pretty good.

Your shots and thanks for sharing them are helpful but not the final word. Custom white balance and a little less noise reduction might give a better final output and though I had hoped for better results from shooting raw it seems your results do show a weakness in the d7100 for portraiture in existing light another poster had some portraits shot in generally good light and exposure but loss of detail showing up above 500 ISO.

I do think to some degree it's better to compare the d7100 at 50% to the d300 (at 100%) or at 70% to the d7000 (at 100%) to get a more realistic view on it's abilities. I reluctantly picked up the d7100 as a last straw attempt to stay with nikon dx, if the d7100 doesn't work for me fuji or full frame might be on the horizon.

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